A Study on how to reduce fat in our body

With busy schedules, losing weight can be difficult and the combination of exercise and a healthy diet can be a way to reduce fat in our body. Many people are even going for the easy option of taking pills. There are many fat absorption pills in Singapore which can help in reducing the fat accumulated in the body. Even Cardio exercises can help one to reduce fat and make one healthy. Cardio can be done by anyone at any time.

When should we train on Cardio exercises?

  • Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach

One of the most popular fat burning techniques is doing cardio training in the morning on an empty stomach. Many bodybuilding and fitness competitors apply this method when aiming for a lean physique, and it is also recommended by trainers. On the other hand, some experts tend to warn that the risk of muscle mass loss is way too high and claim that in a 24-hour time span, the actual time of cardio training is not a deciding factor when considering the burning of calories. Low blood sugar and stored carb levels in the morning mean that the body is in its perfect condition to burn fat, but because of high cortisol (hormone that breaks down muscles) levels, the chance of muscle burning is much higher. As a result, the potential benefits and risks are equally high when following this training method.

  • Cardio in the morning after a protein shake

A good way to prevent potential muscle loss is to have a small meal in the morning, containing only protein, or to have a protein shake instead. It lowers the risks by suppressing cortisol levels and preventing muscle break down while providing all the benefits due to low blood sugar and insulin levels.

  • Cardio in the evening

Many bodybuilders and dieters do cardio training late at night but refrain from eating a single bite after a workout so that the amount of burnt fat is maximized. This method has its own benefits too, but these results are moderate, to say the least, while risks are quite high. Late night exercising is even prone to disturb your sleep cycles and regeneration rates. By the time you fall asleep, the speed of metabolic processes fall back to savings level, so you’ll miss all the post-workout benefits of metabolic acceleration. The risk of losing muscle mass is exceptionally high.

Diet can also help many to reduce the fat in the body. And these are some steps which everyone should have in mind before starting a diet.

  • If a person has self-control, motivation to lose weight. Then they should surely follow the below steps before starting a diet. If not, there can be distractions in the completion of a successful diet. They are as follows.
  • Don’t keep the food which you’re trying to avoid in your house it can lead to distraction.
  • Eat something good like an apple before eating something bad like junk foods as the fruit fills your stomach already.
  • Eat the healthy foods you LOVE when you’re hungry.
  • Eliminate any food which you can avoid eating and go without any care.
  • Change one thing like one food in a diet at a time. If u go for a harsh diet it can you hate eating the same food repeatedly.
  • Don’t reward with food for your successful diet.
  • Keep a food diary so you can count the calories you’re in taking.
  • Eat lots of protein and healthy fat rather than carbohydrates.
  • Plan everything you eat on your diet beforehand.

Besides diet, many opt for taking slimming pills because of their busy schedule. However, these can be beneficial and harmful in its own way.