7 Useful Weight Loss Tips

Making changes in the lifestyle and diet to help lose extra pounds needn’t be torture. Even making the smallest changes in the diet and increase daily activity can have a very positive impact over the long-term, and leave you thinner and healthier. Here are seven useful tips to help with weight loss:

Snack smartly

If you do start to feel hungry during the day it is best to satisfy the craving with a healthy snack. This is a lot better than ignoring it and risking a food binge later in the day. A smart snack choice can include a small bowl of Edamame, 1 tbsp of peanut butter on a piece of fruit, or a protein snack like string cheese.

Use the scales daily

If you step on the scales daily and notice the weight continues to increase, this is a sure sign that you need to cut back on the daily food intake or improve on the regular workouts.

Do bodyweight exercises

A daily five-minute session of bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups can help to improve on muscle mass. This is important because it helps to improve on the metabolic rate and increase the ability to lose calories during the day while you are doing your normal activities.

Eat a balanced breakfast

Eat a balanced breakfast in the morning that consists of proteins, carbs and a little fat to help control hunger pains and keep blood sugar levels steady. A great breakfast to keep the hunger pangs away is whole-wheat toast with turkey bacon and egg whites.

Eat more fruit

Eating at least two pieces of fruit per day is great for the body with its low-fat and high water content. This is a great way to fill the stomach and avoids snacking on high calorie alternatives. Even though fruit can contain high carbs, this is the type of carbohydrates that are good for you and contain a lot of healthy fiber.

Get a good night’s sleep

A proper night’s sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning is reported to be a great benefit to those wishing to control their diet because there is less risk of snacking on poor food choices due to stress or fatigue.

Cut back on alcoholic drinks

Many of the alcoholic drinks are high in calories and often do little to help quench your appetite. Try to limit the alcohol consumption to the weekends or have a drink like vodka and juice, light beer, or a glass of wine. These drinks are likely to have about 100-125 calories per serving.

Weight Loss Tips For Girls

The majority of girls are very conscious about how they look and they therefore would go to great lengths to make any improvements they feel are necessary. Every girl wishes to have a killer body with curves in all the right places to feel attractive and remain confident. Weight can therefore weigh a girl down, but luckily there is always something that can be done to make improvements in the situations.

Weight loss does not have to be boring and taxing for girls considering they are still growing. By embracing simple but effective weight loss tips, girls manage to keep their weights in check. Below are some helpful weight loss tips for girls.

1. Pack lunch to school. It is okay to want to hang out with friends during lunch hours, but it is even better when you do that and eat a healthy home cooked meals. Consider carrying home packed lunch to school to keep off junk and unhealthy food options.

2. Make desserts, treats and sweets rewards for special weight loss achievements. As a girl you definitely have a sweet tooth, but to achieve your weight loss goals, set them to be your rewards for achieving targets. You will find greater motivation when you have something to look forward to.

3. Consider partying at home. Special events attract lots of enticing but unhealthy foods. If you have a party and still want to reach your weight loss goals, consider throwing the party at home and making special foods that are delicious and healthy. You can have your mother or guardian and your close friends help out in planning out everything.

4. Keep your menstrual cycle in check. Menstrual health is very important to your weight loss goals. To ensure that your ride smoothly on the natural process, make sure that you eat foods that are rich in iron so that your hemoglobin levels remains intact. Your menstrual cycle should not be the reason why you make bad choices so keep it in check always by eating foods that are valuable to it.

5. Replace sugary starchy snacks with fruits. There are so many fruits you can try out and by making them your replacement, you will not only see a difference in your weight but also in your skin tone and texture. Fruits are actually very good in controlling sugar cravings. Reach for a fruit when you start feeling like snacking.

6. Embrace simple physical activities. Sit ups, side stretches, jumping jerks and forward bends are some of the simplest you can choose but some of the most valuable. They are easy to do at home and if you feel like engaging some outdoor activity, then you can choose interesting activities that you will love such as swimming, walking and jogging.

7. Get emotional support from parents and siblings. Getting everyone around you involved in the weight loss program is one of the best things you can choose to do. Dietary changes can be done in a fun way so you do not feel isolated or neglected during the process.

Girls can choose aerobic exercise for weight loss. There are so many exercises that girls can engage in to have fun as they lose weight and boost their confidence levels.

Smart Tips About How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

Is there an easy way about how to lose belly fat for men? Yes, there are easy ways to blast fat in your midsection IF you have enough motivation and the right set of advice. For one thing, you need to get active- regularly. Regular physical activity helps you burn fat and gain muscle. Do some cardio exercises to shed off those unsightly layers of fat on your abdomen. And that means intense cardio exercises. Along with it, you should do strength training workouts that’ll build muscles in that area, and that’s how you get a lean and tone physique. So how is it to lose belly fat for men? The fastest way by far is to combine fat-burning training along with muscle building workouts.

    • Blast your belly fat with cardio exercises. Your overall workout plan should incorporate cardio exercises. Doing cardio exercises hastens the calorie-burning process in your body. It then results to rapid burning of belly fat as well. More fat is burned if you’re doing your cardio workout more intensely. This includes high-intensity interval training where you alternate vigorous exercises with short periods of recovery. Interval training is in fact the most effective cardio workout. A typical way of doing high-intensity interval training is by doing jump squats for 15 to 20 minutes. This is performed along with jumping jacks and burpees. Alternate these exercises for 20 seconds while you rest for 10 seconds in between.
    • Weight training works to melt belly fat, too. If you want to burn fat fast, you should do cardio training. It’s the best solution for reducing a fatty midsection. However, don’t forget weight training. Weight training works well in blasting belly fat as well. If you do weight training, you’ll keep burning calories even if you’re at rest. Weight training exercises you should perform should be targeted to your abs. Examples of these workouts are crunches, barbell push crunches, lever-lying crunches, dumbbell push sit-ups and barbell push sit-ups. Keep to this routine and you’ll get big fat-burning results. Your muscles will be toned, making you sport an attractively tight and well-sculpted body.
    • Incorporate stretching exercises in your workout program. Stretching may not be as effective in burning calories as cardio exercises, it burns calories nonetheless. Being able to do that, it means that stretching also aids in burning fat. An hour of stretching enables you to burn 180 calories. Your workouts will be more efficient if you do some stretching. It enhances your flexibility and strength. What are stretching exercises that can burn belly fat? These are torso twists, side bends and back bends. Breathe deeply when you’re stretching to boost oxygen flow all over your body.
  • Always watch your diet. No amount of cardio, weight training and stretching will work to reduce your belly fat if you don’t eat right. Take fewer calories from your food intake to create a calorie deficit. That’s how cardio exercises become effective in burning abdominal fat. Your caloric deficit should be for a total of 500 calories each day so that you safely lose 1 pound a week. Whenever you can, avoid eating processed and fatty foods. Steer clear of consuming snacks and meals that contain excess salt and sugar. A healthy diet to reduce belly fat are fruits and veggies and protein-rich foods such as peanuts, egg whites, chickpeas, salmon and chicken breast. Be mindful about doing your diet and exercise routine and ask for the advice of a fitness expert about how to lose belly fat for men.

Top Diet Tips You Must Follow For Bodybuilding

Working out alone does not yield the expected results when it comes to bodybuilding, diet also plays a huge role. As a body builder, you must choose foods that will help you build muscles and at the same time get rid of fats so you are lean. This diet should therefore be high in fiber and protein and low in fats. You would also need to eat more than usual, especially when you have strenuous training. Below are some of the top diet tips you must follow for your bodybuilding endeavors.

Tip 1 – Eat good amounts of proteins. Your diet as a bodybuilder should be very high in protein to grow the muscle. However, you must ensure you eat the protein according to your body weight because anything else past that is calories. High protein foods include chicken breast, pork tenderloin, steak and salmon. If you are a vegetarian then substitutes for the meat include buckwheat, mycoprotein, legumes and seitan quinoa.

Tip 2 – Use nutritional liquids between meals. Protein shakes are the best to keep your energy up before your next meal. If you are trying to keep off junk food, then the shakes come in handy. You can go for whey protein powder that is easily digested and absorbed to keep your levels up.

Tip 3 – Avoid skipping meals at all costs. Remember that the body needs the nutrients to build mass. When you skip meals then it will end up utilizing what is stored, thus breaking down the muscles you are trying so hard to build. Schedule your meals in such a way that you do not get hungry or skip a meal, pack your food if you have to.

Tip 4 – Keep your meals balanced. Even though protein seems to be most important for bodybuilding, you should strive to eat meals that are balanced. Complex carbohydrates and vegetables should remain staple in the diet together with the portion of protein. Asparagus, spinach and broccoli are some of the numerous vegetables you can eat to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Tip 5 – Moderate fat and avoid foods that are processed. A small amount of fat is fine, but you should keep away from excessive amounts. This means staying away from fried foods and those that have added fats such as butter. Use light cooking spray for oil and butter needs if you must. Because processed foods turn into fat and not muscle, you should also steer clear of any processed food.

Tip 6 – Consider supplements in your diet. Dietary supplements fill gaps that your diet misses and you will find some that are designed for body building. You can use the high quality supplements with protein powder to complement daily meals. However ensure that you get nutrition bulk from fresh foods and not the supplements.

Tip 7 – Never over eat. Bulking up does not mean eating too much because then you will only end up a fatty mess. Count your calories and ensure that you are eating just the right amount for the workouts and building the muscles.


How to Body Detox for Weight Loss

A detox is recommended once a while. It helps the body get rid of disease-causing toxins; it flushes all your internal organs, including the liver, kidneys and colon and muscle tissues. As such it promotes physical and mental well-being, moving towards a more holistic approach to maintaining health.

A body detox is one of the ways to speed up weight loss. Most of us equate it with fad and crash diets, translating to severe starvation. It is not right! Detoxification is all about using natural foods and drinks to cleanse your body system. So, there are some simple steps you can use at home and we’ve rounded up 6 tips below.

Guzzle litres of water

Whether you are on a detox diet for weight loss or not, your body needs a lot of water to regulate different processes. It excretes harmful chemicals and wastes through urine. Keep a bottle at hand and sip water continuously.

For weight loss, squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning. It helps weight loss. It also restores the electrolyte balance.

Sweat it out

Exercise works in two ways as a detox for weight loss. First, physical activity burns all those extra calories that get stored up as fat. It also pumps out harmful chemicals through sweat. It amps up the circulatory and lymphatic systems and keeps you fit by correcting digestive problems. Work out for at least 30 minutes a day. Have a bath after every workout session to get rid of the accumulated toxins.

Cut back on sugar

Since the primary aim of the body detox is weight loss, it makes a big difference when eliminate excess sugars from your diet. By supplying your body with more sugar, you are forcing your pancreas to work beyond their capacity. Skip sugary beverages, white sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Reduce sodium intake

Skip all those frozen and processed foods as they are high in sodium. Sodium retains water adding water weight to your overall weight.

Green tea

You love that cup of coffee early morning, but your body sure doesn’t like it. Caffeine causes you to put on weight. In excess, it also dehydrates your body. Substitute your coffee cup with green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. It aids digestions. It flushes out toxins. It also helps for weight loss. So many benefits in a single cup!

Skin brushing

After you have done all you can internally to attack your weight issues, there’s need to tackle it from the outside. The skin acts like a kidney, filtering out toxins. Dry skin brushing is one way to help your body detox naturally.

Dry skin brushing involves massaging the skin gently with a dry brush using circular movements. This exfoliation process cleans clogged pores and sloughs off dead skin cells enabling skin cell regeneration. It also promotes circulation. In addition to this, dry skin brushing breaks down deep-seated fat deposits that cause cellulite.

A detox routine will create a healthier you. Not only this, it reinforces your immune system and leaves you with more energy to go about your daily tasks.


High Protein Foods

We hear a great deal about how the most ideal approach to lose weight is through exercise and an enhanced eating routine. A good diet is one that is low in sugary starches and fat while being high in fiber and protein. You additionally need to get a lot of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and organic products are the best wellsprings of fiber, minerals and vitamins. The accompanying is a rundown of high protein food.

The best wellspring of protein on a for each ounce basis is chicken breast. Not just is the breast among the least in fat, it gives the most protein. White meat chicken offers around 30 grams for every 3.5 ounce serving. Expelling the skin before cooking chicken bosoms will diminish the fat substance and be among the most beneficial decisions.

A 6 ounce steak will give a strong amount of protein too. This size serving yields around 42g. Despite the fact that hamburger got an awful notoriety quite a long while prior for being excessively greasy, it is turning out to be more perceived that numerous cuts of meat are entirely low in fat. A few these are the filet and the eye of the round. Trimming abundance fat from any steak is a solid thought.

Pork and fish are high in protein as well. A normal size pork hack contains around 22g while pork tenderloin will give around 7g for each ounce. A 6oz jar of fish has around 40g and most fish filets pack around 6g for every ounce.

With respect to eggs and dairy: a substantial egg has 6g, some drain has 8g and cheeses keep running from 6-10 relying upon the assortment. Depend on 15g for curds and 8-12 for a measure of yogurt.

For vegans there are numerous great protein sources. 1/2 of tofu packs an incredible 20g. Who says veggie lovers can’t get enough protein? Most beans contain 7-10 grams for every cooked half container. Nuts and seeds are likewise high in protein. Peanuts and almonds have the most protein at 8 and 9 grams for every 1/4 container separately. Pecans and cashews have 2.5 and 5 grams separately and most seeds give around 6-8 for every quarter container.

Beans are the one of the best wellsprings of vegetable protein. While there is some exchange about the benefits of individual assortments since some contain a high rate of sugars, there is no question as to their protein content. Most have around 20 percent protein or better. Beans, for example, kidney, red kidney, pinto, lima, naval force, incredible northern are all great, modest wellsprings of protein. Shouldn’t something be said about the awful jokes on the impact of beans on your stomach and on the general population around you? It is genuine they do make twist, so ensure you absorb them water before you cook them.


Reclaiming Yourself – 3 Healthy Changes You Must Make

Abandoning yourself for different things can leave you in a state of meaninglessness. The same are the results when you choose to work with a false-self system where you edit your thoughts and rehearse emotions and perform according to what you feel others expect from you. Hiding your true self or forgetting who you are will leave you more or a robot than a human and nothing good can come out of such a state.

When you want to live your life to the fullest, achieve your dreams and be happy, you must be willing to reclaim yourself from the shadow you have become. And just like most changes, it is not that hard to start making a difference in your life. To bounce back to a life that focuses more on who you are, what you want and where you wish to be, there are three areas in life that you should start focusing more on.

Healthy thinking

Healthy thinking starts by understanding that you are worth so much more than you initially thought. When you love the person you are, there is really nothing that can stop you from achieving your full potential and remaining happy while at it. Appreciate your flaws and weaknesses and improve on those that you can. Let your thoughts always incline on positivity over negativity and you will have an easy way handling even the toughest times in your life. Healthy thinking also entails stopping to worry about what people think about you and fading of the thoughts that people are always judging you and taking everything that happens to you personally. Concentrate your thoughts on what makes you happy and the goals you want to achieve and you will start matching towards personal fulfillment.

Healthy eating

What you eat determines your appearance, moods and how strong you are to fight infections and diseases that would otherwise steal off the value of your life. To reclaim yourself, therefore you should also take action towards eating healthy. This way, you will be able to maintain a body you are proud of and happy with, remain active and happy and ward off diseases and infections. If you have been worried about your weight, then it should be time to start making healthy eating choices. Eating balanced, what the body needs and just enough is the key to better health and a better you for that matter.

Healthy living

Healthy living touches on so many areas of life from relationships to habits. Drop unhealthy relationships or relationships that drain you and create beneficial ones when you are ready. It is also a very good idea to adopt an exercise program to maintain good health and keep your good moods and energy levels up to get things done. You will also need to have regular health checks, balance your work and leisure as well as drop bad habits that only rob you value of life. In general, you should strive to be a better person than you are to start living healthy.

Life is largely dependent on the choices you make and how you work towards achieving goals you have. You need to start somewhere, start by reclaiming yourself today.

Healthy Eating – Five Healthy Foods To Eat Before Bed and Prevent Weight Gain

Wondering what you can snack on before turning into bed for the night? If you are like most people, you have heard snacking before bed is a big no-no if you want to keep your weight in check. But is this the case? Provided you are snacking on the proper foods, and including these as part of your overall daily calorie intake, you can certainly add them to your eating plan without concern.

Let’s look at five different smart snack options for the pre-bed period…

1. Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese is a perfect pre-bed snack as it is a form of casein protein, which means it is slow to be digested in your body. At 100 calories per half-cup serving, it is also an easy one to work into your total daily calorie target.

Serve it with a few nuts or a couple of grapes.

2. Canned Salmon. Canned salmon is the next ideal pre-bed snack to use on a regular basis. All you need to do here is open up the can, and it is ready to go. The great thing about salmon is it’s a rich source of protein as well as a terrific source of healthy fats. Both of these are perfect for keeping your body as lean as possible.

With no carb count, it will also keep your blood sugar levels stable. Mix with egg white and prepare a salmon patty if desired.

3. Nut Butter. Nut butter, whether eaten alone or with celery, for example, is another good choice before bed. You do need to watch how much you eat here (too much nut butter will add up quickly!), but it is a source of healthy fats, protein, as well as some dietary fiber.

A tablespoon or two can be an excellent way to end your day.

4. Oatmeal. If you have had a relatively active day, do not shy away from adding oatmeal to your eating plan. Eating carbs, as long as they are slow digesting carbs before bed can be permitted.

Choose steel-cut oats or plain oats if steel-cut oats are not available and make sure you are not adding massive amounts of sugar to the bowl. Flavor with some cinnamon or nuts instead.

5. Raw Vegetables With Guacamole. Finally, consider guacamole as a perfect pre-bed snack along with diced vegetables. Vegetables are low in calories, high in fiber and are an ideal choice for those seeking bodyweight control. And, the guacamole is going to provide healthy fats along with the protein your body needs to keep your hunger in check for the overnight fast ahead.

There you have a few great pre-bed snacks to fuel your body without causing weight gain. Don’t fear to eat before bed; just be smart how you go about it.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

Top 6 Weight Loss Friendly Snacks

“I am trying to lose weight but I can’t keep my hands off of candies!”, “My sweet tooth always gets the best of me!”, “Sodas are my weakness”, “I cannot stop munching crisps!”.

No more excuses.

All too often, people fail to stick to their diet plans and eventually give in to their cravings. It’s okay, we are only human! However, your sweet tooth can still be trained to be satisfied by the sweet taste of an apple or another fruit – even though we both know that anything that comes close to REALLY satisfying your sweet tooth isn’t going to be the epitome of a healthy meal, you eventually get used to it. With a healthy snack, you can have all the snack-time you want, minus the calories and the resultant flab. It may seem like the end of the world, but it’s all in your head, believe it or not. All it takes is persistence, consistence, patience and perseverance (asking for a little much, aren’t we?) well, you know what they say; no pain no gain! But rest assured, the pain is temporary, and before you know it, you will start to warm up to it. It is, after all, worth it. Know that anything that will hamper your weight loss regime is FORBIDDEN, because it’s a deep, dark pit. Once you fall in, there is no coming back (sorry for being so dramatic, but you’ll thank me later). Anyway, let me cut straight to the chase; here’s a list of weight loss friendly snacks to help you get through the day without feeling guilty:

  1. Grapes and walnuts – The ultimate, power-packed combo of fiber, protein, and sugars (the good kind) and healthy fats. Once you start snacking on a cup of grapes and a handful of nuts, there is no stopping; and the only thing you will gain is ENERGY!
  2. Oatmeal and blueberries– For those who find oatmeal boring and bland tasting, adding a kick of blueberries to a bowl of fiber rich oatmeal can do wonders for the taste buds, as well as the waist!
  3. Apple with… cheese?– That’s right! Apples are celebrated for helping in preventing weight gain! Pairing a little bit of apple with a little bit of cheddar cheese makes the perfect sweet ‘n’ sour combo for you to snack on.
  4. Almonds– Good ol’ almonds; aside from making one sharp, they help in weight loss as well. Chewing almonds thoroughly throughout the day makes one feel full and hence, prevents them from consuming too many calories.
  5. Grapefruit– Hands down, ALL fruits make for better, healthier snacks. Grapefruit, for one, has been rightly dubbed as “diet food”. Grapefruit works by lowering insulin levels and as a result, managing appetite. A study found that when people ate grapefruit with each meal, they lost up to 3 and a half pounds over the course of just 3 months! Moreover, – grapefruit is beneficial in any and all forms; grapefruit juice, grapefruit smoothies etc. Be creative!
  6. Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey– It comes as no surprise that fruit plus dairy equals zesty, rich and delicious! This sweet and creamy trio is just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst also pacifying the growling monster your stomach turns into, at some time of the day. This snack is loaded with fiber, protein and fats (the healthy kind) as well as the ever so essential Vitamin C, which increases the body’s fat burning abilities.

Psst. No more hiding in corners and snacking on unhealthy food. With these healthy and nutritious snacks, munch your way to a smaller waist!

Cycling Your Way to Fitness: A Weight Lose Guide

More and more studies are showing that cycling, when done regularly, can reduce weight, improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, strengthens and tones the muscles, and relieves stress. These are just some of the benefits that one can get from cycling.

Compared to exercising in the gym, cycling is more invigorating and fun as it allows you to enjoy and have different experiences outdoors. When compared to walking or running, cycling burns just as much calories. However, cycling is a low impact exercise meaning, it is easier on the joints. Prolonged walking and running can put much pressure and strain the joints especially along the feet and knees.

To burn those calories and get rid of unwanted fats, you can plan a regular cycling schedule including the intensity of the ride. For instance, you can have short rides on weekdays and longer rides on weekends. You may want to plan your route ahead before your ride so you can maximize your time of exercise and get the most benefit from cycling.

Like any exercise however, losing weight and keeping fit by cycling is a gradual process. Getting the body we want doesn’t happen overnight. It takes determination, hard work and a good meal plan.

When exercise is complemented with proper diet, losing weight would be much easier to achieve. The idea of losing weight through cycling is not to be skinny according to health experts. It is about achieving the ideal weight based on your height and frame. It is advisable for you to check what your ideal weight should be and that would be your goal to achieve.

Before you go out and seriously go on cycling your way to fitness and health, you may want to consider following these tips:

· Get a bicycle that fits you. The saddle height and position should be just right so as not to strain your seat and back side. Visit your local bike shop and ask for an expert’s help about this.

· Wear the proper cycling attire particularly a pair of good padded shorts to avoid saddle soreness and chaffing.

· Take all safety measures. You may want to check your gears and brakes. Also, do not ever leave your helmet when going out for a ride.

· Learn to use hand signals for cyclists when on the road. This will help you avoid accidents.

· Like all motorists, learn and obey traffic lights and road signs.