Chiseling Your Body Takes Dedicated Work

It may seem that all it would take to get an amazingly toned and chiseled body is to do body-building exercises day after day. Sooner or later your muscles should show the results, right? While these exercises are important, you could do them for weeks or months at a time and still not attain the results you want. If you aren’t incorporating the right exercises, or you’re ignoring other important factors, your body won’t look the way you want it to look. To get a chiseled body, you’ll need to follow some specific guidelines.

Of course, you’ll focus on building and sculpting your muscles through weight-lifting exercises. The goal of increasing the mass of your deltoids, biceps and abdominal muscles can be accomplished by working your lower body as well as your upper body by weightlifting regularly. Strength coaches recommend training your lower body muscles for an hour at least twice a week and doing the same for your upper body muscles. They also advise you to start your training regimen with more repetitions of exercises at lower weights. As your muscles grow stronger, you can add weight while reducing repetitions, which helps build the mass you want.

Make sure you’re eating right while you’re working toward sculpting your muscles. Your diet should be heavily weighted toward protein-based foods, with about 40 percent of your daily calorie consumption made up of these foods. Fats are also important, but they need to be unsaturated. Carbohydrates help provide the nutrition your body needs to accomplish your sculpting goals; however, they should also be limited primarily to those found in fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates should account for little more than 15 percent of your daily calorie intake. You also need to get enough rest every night and avoid working out too often.

You can’t ignore cardiovascular health while you’re concentrating on chiseling your body. A moderate-intensity workout of at least 30 minutes five days a week will help keep the fat off your body while allowing the muscle mass to develop to its fullest. By following these common-sense guidelines, you’ll soon begin to see the muscles you’ve worked hard to showcase in your body. If you need more ideas on ways to attain a chiseled body, New York City fitness instructor Kristin McGee offers plenty of advice on her website.