Benefits of Using a Walker with Three Wheels

People will get to a certain age or be at a certain point in their lives where they will need assistance to help them get about. Some people depend upon canes. Some depend upon motorized chairs. Others depend upon walkers. 6.5 million people in the United States use walkers, canes or crutches. This puts a fresh spin on what needs to be done to make mobility easier for these individuals. For those who use walkers, there is an advanced device called the three wheel walker. There are many benefits to using this type versus the traditional two wheel walker or the four wheel variety.

  • The first benefit that users should be aware of is that the device will easier to maneuver than other types. The one wheel in the front facilitates the user being able to turn the walker. With a four wheel walker, the entire walker will have to be picked up usually.
  • Another advantage of using the three wheel model is that it is lighter than the four wheel model. This will also make it easier to transport, such as in the back seat or the trunk of a car.
  • Most of the walkers that are three-wheeled have a storage compartment which makes it convenient for the user. The four wheeled walkers may have a storage basket also, but they are more cumbersome to use.
  • Three wheel walkers have a safety feature that the users appreciate, a locking brake device. This feature will prevent the walker from rolling away or from causing the user to fall when he or she puts weight on it to move forward.

There are several types of three wheel walkers available for users. There is the Winnie Lite, which weighs only 15 pounds and can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. Another type is called the Nova Traveler. This model is easy to fold and store away. The Trio Walker is another option. This one is ideal for getting in and out of tight corners. To really get an idea of what walker is best, users can visit the website of Home Health Gear at