Painless Ways Of Adding More Vegan Foods To Your Diet

Perhaps you have just been diagnosed with heart disease or Type II diabetes. Perhaps your child or new significant other has a food allergy. Or perhaps you are concerned with the welfare of animals and eating animal products no longer tastes good. Whatever the reason, it is now easier than ever to add vegan foods to your diet. You do not have to be a “complete” vegan in order to get the benefits of eating less meat, eggs and dairy.

Drink Your Breakfast

This is a delicious way of getting more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet without resorting to more salads. You do need a blender or juicer in order to quickly make your drink. Wash and cut up fresh fruits and vegetables the night before to save time in the busy mornings. Use non-dairy milk like soy milk or almond milk for added protein and to make a smoother texture. You can make things even easier by purchasing ready-made vegan protein shakes, but these can be pricey.

Eat Vegan Snacks

You do not have to go to a specialty health food store to find vegan snacks. Did you know that Oreos are vegan? Also accidentally vegan are Fritos, Nutter Butters, Cracker Jack, water ice, many kinds of gummy-style candies, unfrosted Pop Tarts and Spicy Sweet Chili-flavored Doritos. Most food stores have organic or natural food sections which make it easy to shop for vegetarian and vegan snacks like Hampton Creek cookies.

Change Your Condiments

Some condiments like mustard and ketchup are already vegan. Now there are many Hampton Creek products in Wallmart that are vegan versions of traditional mayonnaise, creamy salad dressings and sandwich spreads. Simply tossing traditional mayonnaise and using Just Mayo already puts more vegan foods in your diet.

Replace Meat in Pasta Sauce and Chili

Pasta sauce and chili, especially tomato-based ones, have such a strong flavor that it’s difficult to tell if you are eating minced beef or minced vegan protein crumbles. You can also replace meat in sauces and chili with beans and chopped vegetables like carrots, peppers and onions. If you tried vegan crumbles years ago and were not impressed, please try again. In the last few years, vegan meat substitutes have improved in both flavor and texture.